Monday, June 27, 2011

So, goes.

There are few things more intimidating than a blank page.  Until a few seconds ago, this was one.  Everything has to start somewhere, and this is the start of a blog that may or may not become something.  We'll see.

Three things inspired me to start a blog.  First, a bolt of lightning struck me on a clear blue day and an angel appeared from a cloud, saying: "Composeth thine blog for the edification of the masses to thine thoughts and opinions, and thou shalt thus edify said masses.  For thou art the savior of the written word in this Internet age."  And I fell down on my knees in fear, replying "Sure, why not?"

Okay, not really.  The other two things are legit though.

I have been told for years by those who have read it that my writing has a "flair" (whatever that means), and that I ought to write more widely.   The biggest proponent of my writing was a dear friend with whom I corresponded for many years, and who passed away last fall.  I think he's haunting me to write now.  Either that or the Hamburger Helper I had for dinner is not settling well.

The other is that I have read other blogs by guys like me and realized that the same kind of dribble coming out of their minds and onto the screen is swirling around in my own melon.  My brain is always "on", and as a means of maintaining sanity over the years, has developed a tendency to find the lighter side of almost everything.  I don't have the solution to all the world's problems (yet), or some kind of agenda to put forth.  Heck, I am still trying to figure out how to program the remote to the TV.  It just seems to me that someone out there might be entertained by the occasional pouring out of the contents of my head.

At this point, I have no followers.  I have told no one about this blog.  I haven't even thought about how or to whom I will publicize it.  The important thing is, it exists.  I've started, and there's one post in the books.  The hardest part is over.  From here, I don't know how often I will post, or what I will post about.  I have a vague plan to make this a place for lighthearted observations on things that make an impact on me and maybe you as well.   I am sure that this blog will take a more definite shape as time goes on.  Right now, it's a lump of clay, and I'm cool with that.

Stop by often and let me know what you think...unless you are a spammer, in which case you can go take a nosedive into a woodchipper. Now, I wonder if there's any of that Hamburger Helper left in the fridge?

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